At D initial studio, we believe that a modern company should not be driven solely by profit but also by social and ecological responsibility. We are therefore doing our utmost to develop a sustainable business model that allows us to give back and protect the community and natural world that enables us to create, now and for generations to come.

To minimize our environmental impact, reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to the fight against climate change, all our art prints are produced locally, upon order - facilitating a leaner, less wasteful manufacturing process - and using 100% cotton paper - the more sustainable form of paper - made without acid, lignin or optical brightening additives. The absence of these materials ensures our prints will maintain their quality and integrity over time, allowing them to become a timeless fixture in your evolving space. Our frames are sustainably sourced using Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified oak wood. Through stringent guidelines, the FSC promotes responsible forestry to protect the people, animals and plants that rely on the forest.

Our most meaningful initiative is the notable donation of 10% of all our profits to the Nature Conservancy of Canada. Renowned for its transparency and its role as Canada's leading national land, water and wildlife conservation organization, the non-profit helped protect 14 million hectares (over 35 million acres) of ecologically significant places across the country since its creation in 1962.

While our contribution is modest on the global scale, we hope to have a real impact by doing our part. Change must happen, and it must happen now


Sustainability at D initial studio